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Deer Mountain snowy slopes in winter.

The Mountain

The Mountain at Deer
Mountain Village

Deer Mountain Village Emblem

An Adventure Seeker's Dream Come True

The Mountain

Deer Mountain hosts an array of outdoor amenities that cater to both winter and summer sports, it’s an adventure seeker’s dream come true. Whether you’re a skiing fanatic, a mountain biker, or a seasoned hiker, there’s something for everyone here.

At Deer Mountain Village, the mountains call, and adventure awaits!

The mountain boasts two ski lifts, one on the West and one on the East, which will also accommodate bikes to easily access the highest points of the mountain’s new bike trail. The bike trail system, designed by renowned Pete Costain, promises to be a thrilling experience for even the most skilled riders. With over 280 acres of recreational space and more than 100 acres of skiable and bikeable terrain, it’s a vast playground that promises endless hours of fun and adventure.

Skiing action shot at Deer Mountain Village.

Ski lifts

When will the lifts be operational?

The East Ski Lift is scheduled to be operating and licensed by December 1, 2023. The East side of the Mountain hosts the majority of skiable and bikeable acres. Keating Resources is currently studying the feasibility of the West Side Lift. Rebuilding west lift by December 1, 2025 is subject to inspection by an engineer.

Terrain Overview


Beginners Runs


Intermediate Runs


Advanced Runs


Total Runs

1.6 miles

Longest Run

120 ac

Skiable Acreage

Clubhouse Amenities

At the base of Deer Mountain, The Clubhouse is the ultimate haven for families seeking rest and relaxation. This tranquil spot will boast an impressive range of indoor and outdoor amenities, guaranteed to cater to various interests. Inside the Clubhouse, families can enjoy light meals and drinks at the bar and cafe while catching up on their favorite shows on the TV or challenging each other to a game of pool. The lounge area and locker rooms provide an additional level of comfort and convenience for guests. Outside, the fun continues with a pool and hot tub perfect for soaking up the sun, a sprawling outdoor lounge space ideal for relaxing with loved ones, two pickleball courts, and a tennis court perfect for those who love friendly competition. Whether you’re looking to unwind after an exciting day of exploring, looking for a fun-filled day of activities, or a balance between the two, The Clubhouse has got you covered.​

When will the clubhouse and attached amenities be complete?

The clubhouse and attached amenities will begin construction in June 2024 with expected completion in 2025. The base of the mountain is undergoing grading and infrastructure installation for upcoming construction.

Clubhouse Plan

The images provided represent the architectural vision for the Clubhouse; the actual design of the Clubhouse is currently under development.

Deer Mountain Village Emblem

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