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The East Mountain Chairlift Is Up and Running

Feb 2, 2024 | Development Updates, DMV News | Keating Resources


Deer Mountain Village Elevates Adventure with Revamped East Mountain Chairlift After Seven Years

The East Mountain Chairlift Is Up and Running

A Remarkable Transformation

After years of silence, the hum of machinery and the anticipation of adventure again fill the air at Deer Mountain Village. The East Mountain Chairlift, a cherished asset of the former Mystic Miner Ski Resort, has undergone an extraordinary revival. In 2022, Keating Resources set forth on a daring mission to breathe new life into a lift that had not seen action in seven years. The project, led by the visionary Gerald Lindsay of Roost Design, involved a comprehensive overhaul of the original 1976 ski lift, which many believed was beyond saving.

The renovation process was no small feat. It required the complete disassembly of the lift, a thorough evaluation of every nut and bolt, and the restoration or replacement of crucial components. The lift now boasts 6,224 feet of new haul rope, 88 refurbished chairs with new grip mechanisms, plush upholstered seats, and added safety features like restraint bars. Every mechanical part, including the backup evacuation motor and communication lines, was meticulously replaced or rebuilt, ensuring the lift's operation was smooth.

A Gateway to Year-Round Adventure

The East Mountain Chairlift now stands proudly next to what will be the Deer Mountain Village clubhouse (planned clubhouse construction starting in Spring 2024.) This isn't just a lift; it's a gateway to the vast natural beauty and recreational opportunities that Deer Mountain Village offers. Whether you're a skier or snowboarder eager to carve down the slopes in winter or a mountain biker ready to tackle challenging trails in the summer, the lift will transport you to the start of your adventure in seven minutes.

This enhancement is more than a convenience; it's a transformative addition to our community, aligning perfectly with the Deer Mountain Village ethos of providing a private, country club-like experience for those who live for outdoor adventures. The chairlift's revival is a testament to our commitment to preserving the legacy of the land and adapting and evolving to meet the modern needs of our residents.

Celebrating a New Chapter

The reopening of the East Mountain Chairlift marks the beginning of a new chapter for Deer Mountain Village. It's a celebration of progress, the dedication to craft and community, and the endless possibilities that await at the peak. As the lift ascends, so too does our community's spirit, united by a love for the great outdoors and the shared experiences that make Deer Mountain Village not just a place to live but a place to thrive.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the team of engineers, technicians, and visionaries who made this dream a reality. To our current and future residents, we invite you to join in this new adventure, make new memories, and discover all that awaits in the elevated life at Deer Mountain Village.

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