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Rapid City Regional Airport Begins Major Expansion & Adds New Direct Flight

Dec 11, 2023 | Local News | Keating Resources


Prepare for a New Era of Air Travel to Deer Mountain Village.

Rapid City Regional Airport Begins Major Expansion & Adds New Direct Flight

New developments in airline routes and airport infrastructure are underway at Rapid City Regional Airport, making Deer Mountain Village more reachable and convenient than ever to both residents and visitors.

Rapid City Airport Expansion
As tourism has grown in the Black Hills, so has the need for updated air travel facilities. Located just 42 miles from Deer Mountain Village, the Rapid City Regional Airport is undergoing a comprehensive expansion project that will address the following:

  1. Concourse Expansion: Upgrades are being made throughout the existing terminal, and the concourse is being extended to increase jet bridge capacity from 7 to 12.
  2. Check-In Enhancements: The introduction of mobile check-in kiosks and the expansion of airline ticket counter spaces to support more carriers.
  3. TSA Security Upgrade: The current sloped TSA screening area is being revamped to a flat-platform design for new equipment, along with an additional lane to handle the peak summer traffic.
  4. Advanced Baggage Handling: Implementing an automated conveyor system to replace the current manual, capacity-constrained method, and updating the old baggage screening technology for greater efficiency and security post-9/11.

Phase 1 of the project broke ground in October 2023, focusing on the behind the scenes updates. The expansion is set to be completed in 2027. This project signifies the region's dedication to improving travel experiences and accommodating a growing number of visitors and residents.

New Direct Flight from SD to FL on Allegiant Airlines
Access to Deer Mountain Village will be more convenient with the introduction of a new direct flight from Rapid City (RAP) to Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) as part of Allegiant Airlines' network expansion. Allegiant is known for its commitment to low-cost travel, and this new route is no exception., with one-way fares beginning as low as $79. This initiative provides accessible travel options, further boosting Deer Mountain Village's appeal as a destination, and serves as an invitation to visitors from the vibrant and sunny state of Florida. The direct route will be offered twice a week beginning May 15, 2024.

A Gateway to New Opportunities
The combination of the airport expansion and new direct flight opens new doors for Deer Mountain Village. These developments are more than just logistical improvements and easier travel; they represent a leap forward in connecting Deer Mountain Village with the wider world.

For more information on these developments, visit the official websites of Allegiant Airlines and the Rapid City Regional Airport. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to track these exciting changes shaping the future of Deer Mountain Village.

More at Rapid City Regional Airport's YouTube Channel
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