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Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Deer Mountain Village?

How many single family home lots will be located at Deer Mountain Village?

What is the zoning for Deer Mountain Village and what is governing authority?

What other development may be built?

Will rentals be allowed?

Has a fire mitigation plan been completed and implemented per Lawrence County ordinance for Deer Mountain Village?

Who owns Deer Mountain Village?

Who are the listing realtors for Deer Mountain Ranch and what is the fee for cooperating brokers?

What amenities Will be delivered by Deer Mountain Village?

When will amenities be complete?

Where does Deer Mountain Sanitary District obtain its water?

What is the cost of water for Deer Mountain Village?

How much will HOA Assessments be?

Who will remove snow from streets, pick up trash and maintain common areas?

Disclaimer: all the dates mentioned in this document are tentative target dates of completion of different tasks. Dates may vary depending on material delivery as well as weather condition.

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Deer Mountain Village Fact Sheet